Why have a trust? Legally owning, operating, and possessing a firearm is strictly regulated by both state and federal governments. A Gun Trust is a trust entity established for the purpose of ensuring your firearms are privately owned, managed, and protected--both during your life and after you die.

We at Atchison Outfitters recommend MoKaN Gun Trusts to help you get and keep items such as suppressors, machine guns/automatic weapons, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, as well as other destructive devices.


Not having a trust or having a cheap trust could cause you legal  trouble without you even realizing it. That is why we endorse using a legal service that is only a phone call away.

 Trust Editions


Unlike many do-it-yourself and gun shop forms, all of our Gun Trust Editions comply with BOTH federal and State law.


MoKaN Gun Trusts Bronze Edition | $250


  •     Designed for individuals who only want to cover NFA firearms;
  •     Allows you to obtain NFA firearms with minimal requirements (no CLEO     signature, fingerprints, or photographs);
  •     Simplified trust design and budget-friendly;
  •     Allows NFA firearm owners to designate lifetime beneficiaries to possess firearms owned by the Trust to avoid “accidental felonies” and minimize taxes and fees;
  •     No opportunity to provide for the distribution of your firearms after you die.


MoKaN Gun Trusts Silver Edition | $500


  •     Includes everything in the Bronze Edition;
  •     Contains all the legal benefits of a complete trust, including privacy and probate avoidance;
  •     Most commonly used Gun Trust;
  •     Can be utilized for ownership of both NFA and conventional firearms;
  •     Perfect choice for owners with large gun collections;
  •     Allows you to plan for how you want your collection maintained and distributed after your death;
  •     Can be easily updated;
  •     Includes all supporting documents to assist with trust funding and administration after you die;
  •     Gives you the opportunity to meet with Jennifer Mickelson, J.D., to receive one-on-one estate planning advice.


MoKaN Gun Trusts Gold Edition | $1000 and up


  •     Includes everything in the Bronze and Silver Editions;
  •     Complete, Complex Trust;
  •     Appropriate if you:
  •         Want to own firearms in more than one state;
  •         Wish to create a legacy for family members to use firearms for generations to come;
  •         Have the desire to gift firearms to charity;
  •         Want to continue a firearms legacy in your community
Gun Trust Worksheet - Bronze Gun Trust Worksheet - Silver and Gold You can get started on your gun trust today download the worksheet that fits your needs then give MoKaN a call today

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