We recommend that our customers educate themselves on the laws regulating their firearms. This site is simply for information on the best resources to find documentation on NFA items.


The ATF site covers questions from SBR (short barreled rifles) to suppressors. Please follow all instructions carefully.

SBR Form 1

This form is that an individual will need to fill out to legally convert a pistol to a SBR

Steps for applying for a silencer

  • Buy Silencer pay $200 tax stamp. (Individual can mail check ATF or gun shop can)
  • Fill out two copies of ATF Form 4 (5320.4) (Individual can mail form to ATF or gun shop can)
  • Fill out Citizenship Verification Form ATF Form 5330.20 (Individual can mail form to ATF or gun shop can)
  • If purchased without trust then Individual will need to go to Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county with paperwork for local approval.(Fingerprints and passport quality photos required)
  • Leave silencer at gun shop till approved. (No you don't get to play with it till you get approved.)
  • Wait for ATF to approve. (Could be 3 to 6 months for individuals, trusts could be shorter.)
  • Get approved! Go back to gun shop and pick up silencer (Now go play silently.)